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Top 7 Raw Foods for Cats Health

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Diana Hutchinson

Top 7 Raw Foods for Cats Health

Putting your felines on a raw food diet can be beneficial, and it could help improve your feline’s health. When you switch to a raw food diet, your cat will not be susceptible to urinary tract infection, inflammation, obesity, and diabetes. Of course, you still need to focus on the balanced nutrition but it could be a good idea when you know how to choose the best food to include in your cat’s diet.


Here are the top seven raw foods you need to include in your feline’s diet for added nutrition.


Chicken Hearts


Taurine is one of the nutrients felines need to grow strong and healthy. When you are planning to feed raw food to your kitties, you need to find a way to supplement their taurine needs by choosing the right food.

Among the best sources of taurine is chicken heart and liver. Organs that work the hardest contain more protein which is why you need to shop for fresh chicken hearts when preparing homemade cat food.


Chicken Thighs with Bone


Chicken happens to be one of the most popular ingredients in commercial cat food. If you decide to feed raw food to your kitties, chicken is also one of the best choices for your cat’s primary protein source. Whole chicken is definitely among the ingredients to consider.

Out of all chicken parts, thighs with the bone would be the most ideal to use to make raw food for cats. Free range chicken is the ideal kind of meat for your felines.




Did you know that a single egg yolk makes up 21 percent of your kitty’s protein needs? When you are feeding raw food to your kitties, eggs are one of the best things to give them. Just be sure to use cooked eggs since salmonella and other bacteria are often seen in raw eggs.




Yes, cats are obligate carnivores but they could also crave veggies. If you notice your cats are too fond of the house plants, it might be time to chop up some vegetables for your feline.

The best veggies you can serve your pet include chopped greens, baked carrots, green beans, and steamed broccoli or asparagus. Always wash the vegetable thoroughly before feeding them to your cats to avoid indigestion and similar problems.


Whole Turkey


Turkey is another meat you can feed your cats when they are not too keen on eating chicken. A bit of turkey breast or some ground turkey would be something you want to try feeding to your cats.

When you have an older cat, and your feline can tolerate small bits of chicken, you can try giving turkey to your cat too. Turkey meat also contains the necessary protein that your felines will require in their diet.




Raw and cooked duck could be the magic ingredient your kitty needs in their homemade cat food. Many cat owners like feeding cat to their felines since cats that love chicken would most likely love the flavor of duck meat.

Since duck happens to be high in fat, you may want to avoid or limit the amount of duck you are giving to your cat when you have an obese feline. Also, you should freeze the duck meat if you hunted the duck or bought it from one. Duck also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals which will be useful for your feline friends.




When you decide to make your own cat food for your cats, you need to make sure your cats are getting enough nutrition. Nutrition deficiency can be the biggest issue when you decide to feed kitties with your own formula. Adding supplements to what you are feeding your felines is generally a good idea.

For starters, you need to make sure your cats are getting the necessary amounts of taurine. You also need to include vitamins E and B complex to the mix.


Making your own cat food at home can be challenging. To give you an idea of how to prepare your own cat food, be sure to check your options above. If you have more ideas on what to give your kitties, be sure to share your thoughts below.


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