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National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and How You Can Adopt

[fa icon="calendar"] May 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Dave Merrick

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and How You Can Adopt

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was just celebrated on April 30th, but there are still many pets waiting to find a special new home. Adopting an animal from a shelter (versus buying from a pet store or breeder) has many advantages.

Here are three that you should consider.


Shelter Pets Are Typically Very Healthy

Backyard breeders and pet mills often overbreed dogs and cats.

In these conditions, the adult animals are bred over and over in order to sell as many puppies or kittens as possible. The conditions are often poor and offer little human interaction. This unfortunately often results in puppies and kittens with medical and behavioral problems, and you may not know what veterinary care they have received, if any.

When you choose to adopt, you can be certain that the pets in shelters and rescue groups have already had an exam and treatment from a veterinarian. They are already spayed or neutered, and have been tested for common diseases, as well as being vaccinated and microchipped. Most breeders and pet stores do not offer this level of medical screening and care, and it can prevent many future problems, as well as saving you hundreds of dollars.


You May Have Help With Training

One thing that can stop people from adopting a shelter pet is the notion that all shelter animals are abused and or have behavioral issues. This is not the case; most animals in shelters are there because their owners can no longer care for them.

Things like losing a job, divorce, or moving are the most common reasons that animals are surrendered to shelters. Most shelter residents have amazing personalities and little or no issues. Many of them, especially senior pets, have already been housetrained, socialized, and even know some basic commands – possibly taught by the shelter staff!


Adopting A Pet Can Change Two Lives

When you bring a shelter pet home, you will be changing and possibly even saving their life. Did you know that adopting a dog or can also offer significant benefits to your own health? Owning a pet can boost your immunity, lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, and can provide exercise, companionship, and even improve your social life.

Here at Neutricks, we recommend that you celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day by choosing to adopt your pets from a shelter or rescue group rather than buying from a breeder.

If you are looking for a new friend, take a look at a local shelter or rescue pet finder site first – you just might find the perfect match waiting for you!


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Dave Merrick

Written by Dave Merrick

Dave Merrick is the president of Neutricks.