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Finding The Best Glucosamine For Dogs

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Kevin Davies

Finding The Best Glucosamine For Dogs

Arthritis is not only a condition that humans suffer from. Dogs can also be victims of this disease. Luckily, there may be a remedy to control the symptoms and progression of arthritis. It’s called glucosamine. All kinds of glucosamine are formulated to alleviate the stiffness and joint pains caused by arthritis. However, three particular options are picked from when it comes to choosing the best glucosamine for dogs. These options have their own share of pros and cons that you might want to look into.

Because each kind of glucosamine has its own set of features that set it apart from the others, you should take into consideration those aspects that might suit your dogs needs the most. Cost is always something to consider. The efficacy and its speed of onset should not be overlooked. Moreover, the ease of administration and the availability of the supplement in the market are things to consider to spare you from future hassles. Making a mental note of these features is important in choosing the best glucosamine for dogs.

Here are the different options:


Glucosamine Injection

An injection is one of the options. The best thing about using an injection is that the medicine will go right to the bloodstream upon injecting the medicine. This means that it will work fast. Some negative aspects of using the injection is that some dogs may feel pain and this is because the medicine is injected right into the dog’s muscle. A veterinarian has to administrate the medicine too, and this can be an inconvenience for some people. Some vets will administrate the injections and this means that a person will have to bring in their dog each time an injection is needed.


Glucosamine Pill

Pill form is the second option that a person can choose to go with. The pills are easy to acquire because no approval from a vet is needed and they are inexpensive. However, the pills can be a little difficult to administer to dogs. Some pills do not contain the daily dosage requirement and this can also pose a problem for some people. This just means that a person will have to give their dog more than one pill a day to make sure that the daily dosage amount is reached.


Glucosamine Liquid

Liquid form is the third option for people who want glucosamine. The liquid can easily be put on the top of dog's food or in their drinking water. It has no taste at all and this makes it easy for dogs to consume. However, the liquid form of the supplement does take a little time to work and is not as fast as the injection but it does work a little faster than the pills.

As seen above, there are pros and cons to all forms of glucosamine. Picking out the best glucosamine for dogs depends on which features of the supplements appeal to you the most. For ease of administration, the liquid form may be the best for you. For rapid onset of action, the injectable glucosamine might be your best option. Your preferences will ultimately determine what you will consider the “best glucosamine for dogs”.


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